1947 – SUNBEAM S7 – 500

A wartime design by Erling Poppe, the Sunbeam inline twin was introduced by BSA, owners of Sunbeam Cycles Limited, in 1947. A luxury tourer, it was of advanced specification with overhead-camshaft engine, shaft drive and plunger rear suspension. The clutch housing and four-speed gearbox bolted directly to the back of the engine, which was rubber-mounted in the duplex loop frame, an innovation that required a flexible joint in the exhaust system ahead of the silencer. The first S7 version was equipped with balloon tyres expressly made by Dunlop, a feature not carried over to the deliberately more conventional, and also lighter and cheaper, S8 introduced in 1949. The front fork and 7” brake were now standard BSA components, and there were numerous other changes made in the interests of rationalisation. Never as popular as BSA’s more performance orientated models, the gentlemanly S7 and S8 remained in production until 1957. The bike on display is one of the lasts produced in 1947.

Years: 1947- 1949
Production: 2104
Design: Erling Poppe
Provenience: CMM Collezione Motociclistica Milanese



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