1955 – MOTOM T – 98

This unique motorcycle, which was created by the famous engineer, Piero Remor, still amazes people today. The aesthetics are incredibly innovative and very distinct from any other previous model. The line is characterized by a centrally positioned oval outline, which appears initially to be the fuel tank, but in reality the fuel is only present in the left side, as the right side is serves as a storage area for tools (complete with a fuel cap). On both sides of the 98T there is an identical circular opening with slits: one is the horn and the other is the vent for the air filter. If the Motom amazes people for its aesthetics, the mechanical features are no less surprising. The front suspension, for example, is of the swinging arm variety and also includes the mudguard. As far as the damping element is concerned, the far more original rubber discs that work through torsion replace the traditional springs. The engine, hidden beneath the central tunnel, is a 4-stroke single cylinder. The public was both intrigued and confused by these futuristic features and the 98T was not successful commercially and was only produced for a few years. Years later it was to be vindicated when it was chosen as an exhibit in the temple of art: New York’s Museum Of Modern Art.

Years: 1955 – 1960
Production: 1.736
Design: Piero Remor
Provenience: CMM Collezione Motociclistica Milanese



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