1963 – VELOCETTE VOGUE – 200

Launched in October 1948, as “the motorcycle for everyman” Velocette’s LE addressed the criticism most-often levelled at motorcycles – that were noisy, dirty, and needid special clothing to ride – achieving impressive levels of silence, comfort and praticality. Sadly, its arrival coincided with the start of the sccoter boom and sales were disappointing. Nevertheless, and pheraps inspired by Ariel’s successful Leader, Velocette took the concept a stage further in 1963, launching the faired and enclosed Vogue. Equipped with a new frame and distinctive twin-headlamp fairing, the Vogue handled well and was quieter, though no quicker, than its forebar. Production ceased in 1968.

Years: 1963-1968
Production: 381
Provenience: CMM Collezione Motociclistica Milanese


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