1967 – EGLI-VINCENT (Rep.) 1000

Introduced in 1967- a dozen years after Vincent’s Stevenage factory stopped producing the thunderous V-twins – the Egli frame gave enthusiasts the opportunity to build a modern roadburner around a classic engine. Weighting just 25lb complete with swinging- arm, the Egli frame is a simple but effective design based around a 3 1/4 inches top tube that doubles up as an oil tank. Behind this is a triangulated rear subframe with box-section steel swinging-arm. Designed by swiss engineer Fritz Egli, this bike was available as an infinitely variable package. You could purchase anything from a bare frame to a complete machine sporting a reconditioned engine. The bike on display has been built by New Zeland tuners’ wizard Ken McIntosh as a Egli-Vincent replica using a 1954 Vincent engine.

Years: 1967- 1975
Production: few dozens including replicas from different builders
Design: Fritz Egli
Provenience: CMM Collezione Motociclistica Milanese


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