At the start of the 70s Ducati made a determined entrance to the market of high-powered motorcycles. The first series to be released was the GT 750, characterized by a new 90° twin engine. It was an interesting configuration, which limited the transversal space required. The performance was impressive and it was excellent on the road, but enthusiasts wanted a more performing model from the Borgo Panigale manufacturer. The Sport series was then born and was characterized by a race look with a single seat. In 1973, however, a new version appeared, called Super Sport, which aimed to achieve the best results in terms of look, performance and appeal. It was a masterpiece of elegance and mechanics. Its two-colour combination made it unique in the motorcycle world and the front fairing contributed to making it into a real racing bike with a licence plate and lights. It was the first road bike in the world to adopt disc brakes on both wheels. The engine was based upon the previous L-shaped 2 cylinders models, but it now boasted a refined desmodromic valve control, which was a complete novelty for Ducati twins. A new era had just begun as Ducati’s desmodromic two-cylinders began to race their way into the history books. The Super Sport was produced in three series, but the first remained the most sought after. An engine characterized by round carters, whereas the following series had square carters. The now legendary “round carter” model also has a fuel tank with a transparent strip, exactly like the racing model, which won the most prestigious race for motorcycles derived from standard series at Imola in 1972. The Super Sport was produced to celebrate that success and it is sometimes referred to as the “Imola Replica”.

Years: 1973 – 1977
Production: 420
Design: Fabio Taglioni
Provenience: CMM Collezione Motociclistica Milanese


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