1976 – BMW R 100 RS – 1000

The Munich based manufacturer’s motto has always been “evolution, not revolution”. However, when in 1970 BMW presented its new two-cylinder series (500, 600 and 750 cc) in the “/5” version, many thought that a bit more courage would have been required. The competitors -Japanese- had recently started presenting a forward disc brake and 5 gears, whereas BMW had unveiled a motorcycle, which still featured a front drum brake and 4 gears. It was only in 1973 that BMW became a protagonist once again with the superb R 90 S: with a 900 cc. engine capacity, top performances, great elegance and appeal. But the greatest evolution took place in 1976 and still the aim higher: the R 100 RS was born, with a 1000 cc. engine capacity. What makes the RS a unique motorcycle is the presence of total fairing, which for the first time was assembled in a series road model. The aerodynamic study was undertaken partly in the Pininfarina wind tunnel, but it was mainly the test pilots that were the main protagonists of that masterpiece of efficiency and elegance, which captured the imagination of granturismo lovers. Thanks to the fairing it was possible to keep up higher speeds with less efforts, regardless of rain or difficult climates. The RS series was an enormous success and was virtually produced without any amendments until 1984, when the new 4- cylinder BMW was presented. The model on display belongs to the first series, and was one of 1.760 models produced in 1976 with wheels featuring rims with spokes and blue strips.

Years: 1976 – 1984
Production: 33.648
Design: Hans Muth and BMW Style Department
Provenience: CMM Collezione Motociclistica Milanese



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