1987 – NORTON CLASSIC – 600

After a lenghty development programme commenced in the 1970s by Norton –Villiers-Triumph, Norton’s rotary-engined roadster debuted in 1982 as the police-specification Interpol, though it would be 1987 before the motorcycling public got to sample the rotary’s excellent handling and smooth, almost vibration-free engine in the form of the un-faired civilian Classic. The Classic used Norton’s twin-rotor 588cc engine in its original , air-cooled form, coupled to a five-speed gearbox. This compact unit was slung beneath a tubular spine frame suspended by Marzocchi at the front and Koni at the rear. Triple disk braking was courtesy of Italian Brembos. With 79 bhp on tap, the Classic’s performance was on a par with that of contemporary Japanese 600s. Conceived as a limited edition model -just 105 examples were made-( 5 more were produced but not released to the public), the Classic is today one of the most collectible of modern Nortons.

Years: 1987-1988
Production: 110
Design: Mike Oldfield – Bob Trigg
Provenience: CMM Collezione Motociclistica Milanese


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