1996 – SAXON TRIUMPH – 1000

After the rebirth in the early ‘90s of the glorious Triumph brand, which was acquired by a British entrepreneur that built a new factory and a series of brand new models, the motorcycle manufacturer concentrated entirely on the production and sale of road models, leaving any sporting projects in the hands of specialized external teams. Saxon, a renowned producer of special motorcycle frames, on the basis of a series Triumph Super Three engine, which was increased to 985cc, created a splendid frame weighing only 7.5kg, equipped with a very unusual front fork that had a single central shock absorber. A series of eccentric fronts and rears enabled the variation of the fork inclination and wheelbase. Other peculiarities were the positioning of the water radiator, beneath the seat. The rims were made from carbon fibre, as was the tight bodywork. With a weight of only 165kg and over 140hp, the PFM Saxon Triumph obtained several interesting results in the hands of English rider Steve Linsdell, including the 14th place overall at the Senior TT of 1996. Characterized by a unique and futuristic design, it remained a prototype even though Saxon produced various transformation kits for series Triumph models, including the replica of the frame used in competitions.

Year: 1996
Production: 1
Design: Saxon
Provenience: CMM Collezione Motociclistica Milanese


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